Travelteq Pencil Case

If you’re going to use a natural resource like leather, you had better know what you’re doing with it. That said, I’ve been trying to put myself in a somewhat awkward position for a while now… and I’m still pretty ambivalent about it all. If I were a cow and I knew my hide were going to this, would I be upset? I’d want to turn into something beautiful, but also into something that would be useful. I think this is somewhere in between:



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3 thoughts on “Travelteq Pencil Case

  1. This is great – useful and yet gorgeous in a tactile way. I love your finds. I don’t know how you come across these items, but they’re are all so interesting. Looking forward to future posts!

  2. I’m glad you enjoy it! To answer your question, I like to think of it as a healthy balance between interest and obsession. Traveling helps a lot too in terms of finding new and exciting pieces or ideas. Thanks for the feedback and hope to see you checking back soon.

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