Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet

Bellroy – Slim Sleeve Wallet

The team at Bellroy have continually pushed the envelope in finding more efficient means of carrying through their line of leather wallets. They even started a blog devoted to reviewing different approaches to storing credit cards, computers, & the like. Aside from their passion, what’s special about Bellroy is their ability to meld the benefits of solid craftsmanship with a conscious effort to minimize bulk in your pocket. While all their wallets are carefully considered and designed, the Slim Sleeve reigns as the most accommodating and versatile piece in their line.

Measuring in at less than 4 x 3 inches, it can nonetheless store 15+ cards without strain. For quick and easy access, there are two main card compartments for your most frequently used cards while the rest can be accessed via a pull tab which draws them out from behind the main pockets. The vertical orientation of the pockets minimizes the lateral bulk that occurs with other bi-folds. It can also accommodate your bills provided you fold them in half. Finally, crafted from vegetable tanned bovine leather, it is sure to wear in to the unique use and abuse of its owner. All in all, it’s the quintessential in customizable carrying.

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