Billykirk No. 117 Mechanics Belt

Patina details – one year of wear

The brothers at Billykirk began making leather goods from a simple realization that “we can make this.” Having found inspiration from vintage leather watch straps, they have crafted a versatile line including bags, accessories, and small goods. What stands out in particular however is their No. 117 Mechanic’s Belt.

Clasp Detail in Brown (via Svpply)

Clasp Detail in Brown (via Svpply)

It is designed so that the buckle in the front is concealed, which functions both as an aesthetic element and a pragmatic solution for mechanics who don’t want their buckles to scratch the cars they work on. (It also works great for guitarists who want to avoid scratching the backs of their instruments.)

Belt Profile in Black Colorway

Yet although the design is wonderful, the most enjoyable aspect about this belt – and every other Billykirk piece for that matter – is the development of a spectacular patina. Though it comes in 5 colorways, the tan breaks in particularly well. The image below was taken after a year of wear, and it’s only going to develop more character. Check it out!

Buckle & Stitch Detail - one year of wear

Buckle & Stitch Detail – one year of wear


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