Neon Without the Nausea

Judging by the recent popularity of neon colors in fashion, it’s obvious that people are in the mood for something bold. Unfortunately for our collective limbic systems, neon colors have been mined and exploited more ruthlessly than our natural resources. Luckily there are designers out there who practice a certain level of restraint when it comes to employing vibrant colors. In that spirit, here are six flourescent finds that won’t result in vertigo:

1) The Knottery – Lime Laces

The Knottery – Green Laces

Jack and Jay of The Knottery make it their mission to offer affordable accessories for men.   In addition to their neckwear and pocket squares, they offer a great selection of colored shoelaces to spice up your outfit without going overboard.

Laces on Brogues


2) Mads Nørgaard – “Klemens” Fisherman Zip

Mads Nørgaard – Klemens Zip Grey

Straight out of Copenhagen, fashion designer Mads Nørgaard adds a twinge of neon to the otherwise understated “Klemens” fisherman’s knit. There are similar colorful accents throughout his recent lines, but this juxtaposition between the orange zipper and the contrast knitting is particularly striking.

3) Comme des Garçons – Pink Trim Socks

Comme des Garçons - Pink Trim Socks

Comme des Garçons – Pink Trim Socks

Accessories offer great opportunities for neon accenting. Socks in particular are often overlooked – or simply not all that visible. These dress socks from Comme des Garçons have just enough color to not be overbearing.

4) Caran d’Ache – Fluorescent Ballpoint Pens

Caran D’Ache Ballpoints

Though they come in all the colors you could imagine, Caran d’Ache has released a special edition of four fluorescent colored ballpoint pens. While they write incredibly well, any one of them would add a volatile touch of color to your shirt or pants pocket as a design element.

5) Sperry – Two-Eye Boat Shoe with Blue Sole

Sperry Boat Shoe – Blue Soles

Another great update to an otherwise traditional piece, the Sperry boat shoe with blue sole adds an unexpected embellishment to an outfit. It’s enough color to stand on its own without demanding too much attention. It’s as understated as neon blue can get.

6) Toms – “Maseru” Sunglasses

Toms "Maseru" Aviators

Toms “Maseru” Aviators

These aviators from TOMS are super subtle. When worn, the hand-painted yellow accents would barely stick out from behind the ear, leaving the natural walnut temples to be appreciated in tandem with the neon rather than being overpowered by it.

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5 thoughts on “Neon Without the Nausea

  1. You are so right about the overuse of neon. It is fun to play with, but enough is enough. Your finds are brilliant — love them!!!

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