18 Waits – Yorke Shirt

18 Waits – Yorke L/S Lookbook Collar & Cuff

18 Waits is a young clothing and accessories brand emerging from the endless treasure trove in Toronto. Perhaps the most striking aspect about them is their overall attitude and approach to what they do. As they put it, they are inspired by a collective joie d’vivre and an appreciation for quality- traits which are both reflected by and perpetuated through their products. Not many labels are open to outside influence, but 18 Waits places a great emphasis on collaboration in inviting graphic artists, photographers, and even filmmakers to bring their unique angle to the brand’s creative drive.

18 Waits – Yorke L/S Collar Detail (white)

Among other pieces in their Spring/Summer 2012 line, the Yorke shirt is one of the best examples of what 18 Waits is about. Given their emphasis on quality goods, the lightweight cotton fabric used for the shirt is sourced from textile mills in Japan. For this shirt in particular, colorful threads of polyester are woven into the fabric to create sporadic, yet vibrant flecks of color throughout the garment. The subtle inclusion of color gives a bit of life to an otherwise standard button-up. The Yorke comes in three colorways (charcoal being a personal favorite) as well as in both short-sleeve and long-sleeve versions. They currently have stocklists throughout North America, China, & Japan so check them out if you’re close!

As always, click the link to their website above to learn a bit more about their process and feel free to scroll through the gallery for some high-resolution images of the Yorke.

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