B Design “Tiny” Letterpress Cards

Let’s face it – stationary is an extremely personal item. It not only communicates something about yourself to your recipient, but also gives you the opportunity to forge a meaningful connection through the gesture. The problem however lies in selection. If your card is too loud, your message will be undermined by overly ornate imagery or ostentatious musings. Conversely, if it is completely blank, you run the risk of misleading your recipient into thinking you simply folded a piece of computer paper in lack of time or consideration. Luckily there is a middle ground.

B Design – Whale

For those of us who enjoy the handwritten part of a handwritten note, I suggest checking out the “tiny” cards from B Designs in Amesbury, MA. Each 3.25” x 5.25” card in this series is left predominantly blank, safe for a small letterpressed image on the front. This leaves the vast majority of the note free for personalization, which is the real point behind sending cards in the first place. Each card is made from recycled warm white stock and is printed by hand on at least one of the four Heidelberg “Windmill” presses in their studio. (I really love the fact that they’ve named each press: Greta, Rolf, Lilli, and Klaus).

B Design – Sand Dollar

Click the thumbnails below for some images of their “tiny” series and be sure to check out more of their work (including custom printing) at the B Design website.

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2 thoughts on “B Design “Tiny” Letterpress Cards

  1. Delightful! There is nothing more wonderful in the stationery world than letterpress on luxurious paper. (Well, maybe extremely well crafted and aesthetically beautiful handmade cards.) And any company that gives their presses personal names is one I’d love to do business with.

  2. Well if you’re in the market, I know you can pick them up at Paper Source. That said, they have stocklists throughout the entire US. They should have more information on their site.

    Thanks for the comment!

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