Buddy Carr Skateboards

A friend of mine just sent over a link to Buddy Carr Skateboards, which are some of the most well thought out boards available on the market. Each complete is a product of a collaboration between skater/business owner Buddy Carr and New York based graphic designer Antonio Carusone. Currently there are six skateboards in their line – each of which sports a unique aesthetic and functional personality.

 The brands creative drive hinges on the idea of cohesion. Every element within a given skateboard is in harmony with the other components. Though they source trucks from third party brands (i.e. Independent or Bennett), Carr and Carusone employ custom-routed urethane wheels to specifically match the riding style of each board, whether it’s a mini-commuter or a longboard.  Similarly, the grip tape is laser cut in six unique motifs to add some visual appeal to the top. As for the graphics, each deck is screen printed by hand in a limited edition of 100. It makes a good argument for those who consider these boards to be veritable works of art.

 Check out the Buddy Carr website by clicking here, and be sure to scroll through the gallery below for some high-resolution images. Also, feel free to leave your impressions if you’ve had the opportunity to ride on one of the 600 Buddy Carr boards out there!

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