Black Creek Mercantile & Trading Co – “Trap” Belt

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 It’s always a pleasure to find straightforward goods. This unisex belt from Black Creek Mercantile & Trading Co. is a great example of elegance via restraint. It consists of two components—a single strip of American bridle leather and a cold rolled steel buckle to hold it in place. Structurally the steel rod functions in the same manner as the gigantic, ostentatious cowboy buckles we see on TV. It is finished up with solid copper rivets and burnished edges. Check it out in both colorways below.

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2 thoughts on “Black Creek Mercantile & Trading Co – “Trap” Belt

  1. Simplicity is definitely a staple of Black Creek Mercantile. Their other work doesn’t necessarily follow the same aesthetic (this belt being an odd one out), but it is certainly similar conceptually. You might get a kick out of their wood turnings & cutting boards. Thanks for your comment!

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