Filson – Leather Field Satchel

            American heritage brand Filson has worked since 1897 to maintain its reputation as a leader in crafting stylish and durable outdoor goods. That said, their Leather Field Satchel raises the bar on both counts.

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            Like all of their products, this briefcase is hand-made in their Seattle factory. Filson only sources vegetable-tanned bridle leather, which is notable for both its strength and character.  Everything is stitched with a heavy bonded nylon thread and fastened together with brass hardware.

Back Pocket & Strap Detail 

            As always, be sure to check out some detailed images below!

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2 thoughts on “Filson – Leather Field Satchel

  1. Love it!! Makes me wish I had a job that required me to carry more paperwork. Men’s leather goods are always more impressive than women’s. I suppose that makes sense men are more likely to keep something longer not to mention the detailing…

  2. Well… you could always carry around newspapers and magazines. There are some really great women’s leather goods, but the ones I have found tend not to be very feminine, which for some can be a deal-breaker. The Billykirk Market Tote is one of my favorites, but you might check out Ilemi bags from Paris. They are not only handmade but are really interesting in terms of design.

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