Svilu – The Crux of Fashion & Environmental Responsibility


Svilu is a budding women’s fashion label out of NYC that crafts subtle, yet modern pieces for the environmentally conscious. Finding inspiration within those constraints, the label relies on sustainable materials and production methods for their entire collection.

svilu-spring-summer-13-lookbook-10Stylistically, Svilu leans towards classic and more traditional silhouettes borrowed from men’s fashion. Yet despite incorporating garments that are more often associated with the boys (blazers, button ups, &c), their work is undeniably feminine. Almost all of their pieces have a slight edge to them, whether in bold geometric elements or asymmetrical embellishments.

svilu-spring-summer-13-lookbook-4 svilu-spring-summer-13-lookbook-3

It’s often difficult to ascertain information about how a fashion label conducts its business, so it’s rather refreshing that Svilu is so transparent. In fact, they take a tremendous amount of pride in their thoughtful approach to fashion – as well they should.



All of Svilu’s clothes are made here in the US (predominantly in New York City). In addition to being open about their own process, they heavily scrutinize that of their suppliers. Their organic cotton for example, is grown from non-genetically modified plants without the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals. This not only reduces the risk of health complications for farmers, but organic cotton fields have also been shown to improve soil fertility

svilu-spring-summer-13-lookbook-8Besides cotton, Svilu also integrates more progressive textiles. The most prominent throughout their collections are Tencel and Modal –which are made from eucalyptus and birch tree pulp respectively. As fabrics, both are lightweight, breathable, and wrinkle-resistant – all with the added benefits of sustainability. For example, the pulp that creates Tencel fabric is treated with non-toxic organic solvents that are recycled with a recovery rate of 99.5%. This means that the process virtually creates no waste and produces only trace emissions that are fully decomposable. Similarly, the fully-integrated manufacturing process behind Modal fabric generates recoverable energy and reusable materials originally contained in the wood.


Check out the rest of their spring/summer ’13 lookbook on the Svilu website. Also for those of you looking ahead, Svilu recently released their looks for their upcoming fall/winter campaign.

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  1. Love the look, and enjoyed the information about modal and tencel. They are extremely comfortable fabrics.

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