Brand Profile: Artifact Bag Co.


Since discovering Artifact Bag Co. late last year, I have quietly championed their work to friends and family in need of beautiful, yet solid carry goods. The label has a diverse collection from vibrantly colored personal effects bags to full on briefcases and totes – all hand crafted from high quality, domestically produced canvas and bridle leathers.

artifact-bag-co-personal-effects-procured-design artifact-bag-co-bridle-leather-collection-backpack-procured-design artifact-bag-co-studio-chris-hughes-procured-design

Perhaps it appeals to the sensibilities and circumstance of a fellow maker such as myself, but I am particularly inspired by the story behind the label. Several years ago, Artifact Bag Co. founder Chris Hughes lost his job to the recession, landing in a cubicle working a menial position for little pay. Yet in early 2010, he found a vintage commercial sewing machine on Craig’s List and began making bags, aprons, etc. Initially working in his basement, he left his job before the year was out to run Artifact Bag Co. full time.

Given the obvious emphasis placed on high quality craftsmanship and utilitarian design, it’s best to see Hughes in action. The short above documents some of the day-to-day happenings in the Artifact Bag Co. studio, with a small bit of insight into the labels core values, it’s genesis, and – in my opinion – why it’s worthy of your support.

artifact-bag-co-115-saddle-tote-procured-design artifact-bag-co-lunch-sack-bag-procured-design

Be sure to visit the Artifact Bag Co. main site to learn more about the label and peruse their collection.

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