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I may be a little close to the industry at this point, but you can find understated, utilitarian menswear virtually anywhere. Even if we narrow the scope to focus only on brands that produce their collections here in the states, there are still lots of options available. From there, choosing specific labels boils down to subtle nuances in aesthetics and materials – or at least that’s what I thought.

It turns out that menswear label Todd Shelton has amassed a great deal of success based on these two points, but has garnered even more attention thanks to their unique emphasis on sizing. In short, the label coined a DIY fit evaluation program that works directly with their customers to produce custom-fitting garments without the hassle and price point of bespoke clothiers.


Take the Todd Shelton jean for example. Not only can you choose from wide range of selvedge denim fabrics, but you can also determine specific measurements for the waist, knee opening, bottom opening, and the inseam. And this is just the beginning.



Of course the level of customization varies depending on the garment. There are some instances where the label can’t accommodate specific measurements. Yet to work around these roadblocks, Todd Shelton instituted a twist on the standard sizing model. Realizing that sizing is in fact a grey area, the brand produces half-sizes (small/medium, medium/large, and large/extra large) in between for the perfect fit.


todd-shelton-slacks-shirt-lookbook-procured-designBecause sizing is such an important aspect of the label, they also offer free returns and alterations if the fit isn’t perfect. But of course none of this would stand without high quality standards, which leads me to my next favorite thing about Todd Shelton: manufacturing.

Wanting to hold the reigns in every aspect of designing and producing clothes, the label opened their own factory specifically devoted to crafting each collection. As Todd Shelton (the label’s founding designer) puts it, “the aim of the factory is to re-think how clothing can be made and offered to consumers.” In other words, the direct line from sketchpad, to sewing machine, to your doorstep is the heart of a new consumer experience that will hopefully leave the world better dressed.


To learn more about Todd Shelton and their line of trusted basics spanning from tees to dress slacks, be sure to visit their website.

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