Procured Design is a daily online publication devoted to investigating, appreciating, and promoting contemporary craft and creativity. Founded in 2012 and closed in 2015, Procured Design was launched by Houston-based writer Jake Eshelman. Among other things, the editorialĀ is informed by his background in paper/printmaking, music, carpentry, leatherwork, and photography. Playing off of his shared interest in the creative process, each feature is not only carefully curated, but is also presented with insightful commentary.

Much of the content featured on Procured Design stems from face to face interactions shared with artisans throughout the US and abroad. We aim to work directly with esoteric brands, artists, and craftspeople as much as possible to share their passions with the world. Every now and then we receive requests and complimentary products for review, but our features are written solely based on what we find inspiring, well considered, and potentially beneficial to the creative community. (For any questions concerning our policies, please reference our FTC Disclosure.)

Although Procured Design was ended in February of 2015, you can still get in touch with Jake to ask questions, offer feedback or just to say hello.

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