Daniel Torjman of 18 Waits on Local Quality Goods

18 Waits - Fall/Winter '13 Lookbook

Every way I’ve tried to introduce the subsequent guest post by Daniel Torjman has sounded trite, cheesy, and self-important. But that’s just it; you can’t introduce what needs no introduction. As the founder and designer of lifestyle fashion label 18 Waits, Daniel’s work speaks for itself. Unique designs, quality materials, and solid construction lie at the heart of the label, but the real story behind 18 Waits is something far more intangible. So in lieu of discussing their recently released Fall/Winter ’13 campaign, I invited Torjman to discuss his work, his inspiration, and his place in the industry:


18 Waits is a common ground for like-minded individuals; a lifestyle as opposed to simply a brand or fashion label. As a company, we have an old European mentality – local manufacturing combined with quality fabrics, finishes and assembly which stand the test of time – that contributes directly to our design and production philosophy.

18 Waits - OS belt (in black & natural) & copper flask

18 Waits – OS belt (in black & natural) & copper flask

At least that’s the line we use on our website in the About Us section. Which is true – but what it fails to mention is that this isn’t simply an “old European” way of producing and manufacturing quality products. This is also how it used to be done right here in North America. And – along with some other great companies and brands throughout North America – we’re trying to revitalize and rejuvenate these dying industries and artisans. As a Toronto-based company, we pride ourselves in manufacturing our apparel in Canada. We’ve also collaborated with some friends to the south who’ve helped us expand our accessories offering to include beautiful handmade copper whiskey flasks and durable leather belts that both look amazing and will last you a lifetime.

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Highlights from 18 Waits S/S ’13 Collection

Not to hate on the joy of spring, but it seems like designers are far too quick to indulge in vibrant colors and showy patterning. I say leave that to nature. It does a better job anyway.


Maybe it’s happenstance; maybe it’s good taste, but the folks at 18 Waits seem on board. Their recently released S/S ’13 collection consists of an airy assortment of laid-back, casual garments and accessories. In fact, it is their biggest campaign to date, with the inclusion of modified fits, untried colorways, and new pieces altogether.

The Levon in blue and red

The Levon in blue and red

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18 Waits – Fall/Winter ’12 Lookbook

Weekender Jacket, Woodsman Shirt, Thomson Trouser

The latest campaign from Canadian fashion label 18 Waits is one of their strongest collections yet – if not the absolute best. Their lookbook is teaming with new takes on reliable staples and some new surprises for the Fall/Winter seasons.

Eastern Cardigan (charcoal)

Eastern Cardigan – Douglas Fir Button

Of the line, there are a few favorites worth pointing out. Their shawl-collared, contrast-woven “Eastern” cardigan is hand-knit in Prince Edward Island before it is finished with custom Douglas-fir wooden buttons. It is available in two colorways (charcoal and flecked crème), which each have side pockets and complementary elbow patches.

Weekender Jacket (waxed navy)

Weekender Jacket (olive) – Gingham Interior Lining

Another standout is their “Weekender” shirt-jacket made from a sturdy but pliable waxed-cotton. Keeping true to their detail-oriented reputation, the inner layer is lined with a beautiful gingham fabric that would offer a great accent if left unbuttoned.

 Be sure to scroll through a healthy selection from their lookbook below – keeping a keen eye out for details. The collection is strewn with custom-cut collars, hidden buttons, and many other unique touches. You can also see more of their collection in the next couple weeks by visiting their website. In the meantime, be sure to check out their lookbook video featuring Montreal’s “Plants & Animals”.

18 Waits – Yorke Shirt

18 Waits – Yorke L/S Lookbook Collar & Cuff

18 Waits is a young clothing and accessories brand emerging from the endless treasure trove in Toronto. Perhaps the most striking aspect about them is their overall attitude and approach to what they do. As they put it, they are inspired by a collective joie d’vivre and an appreciation for quality- traits which are both reflected by and perpetuated through their products. Not many labels are open to outside influence, but 18 Waits places a great emphasis on collaboration in inviting graphic artists, photographers, and even filmmakers to bring their unique angle to the brand’s creative drive.

18 Waits – Yorke L/S Collar Detail (white)

Among other pieces in their Spring/Summer 2012 line, the Yorke shirt is one of the best examples of what 18 Waits is about. Given their emphasis on quality goods, the lightweight cotton fabric used for the shirt is sourced from textile mills in Japan. For this shirt in particular, colorful threads of polyester are woven into the fabric to create sporadic, yet vibrant flecks of color throughout the garment. The subtle inclusion of color gives a bit of life to an otherwise standard button-up. The Yorke comes in three colorways (charcoal being a personal favorite) as well as in both short-sleeve and long-sleeve versions. They currently have stocklists throughout North America, China, & Japan so check them out if you’re close!

As always, click the link to their website above to learn a bit more about their process and feel free to scroll through the gallery for some high-resolution images of the Yorke.

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