Not Your Daddy’s Boombox… (But It Could Be His Old Briefcase)

Given the choice between schlepping work documents or a portable speaker system, I think most would go for the latter. It’s better use of a briefcase anyway.

Gator Samsonite ST-6 Model

 It’s worth pointing out that I’m not alone in this sentiment. In fact, a small team of audiophiles in California felt so strongly about this, that they began crafting what they call BoomCases on a daily basis. Basically, BoomCases are recovered cases and boxes that are retrofitted with custom speakers, an input cable, and a long-lasting battery. Not only is it a convenient way to carry around your tunes, but it’s also great in that it recycles otherwise neglected guitar cases, Samsonites, wooden enclosures, and plastic lunchboxes of yesteryear.

Muppet Party Bus BoomCase

BoomCase at the Skate Park

Many of the BoomCases are custom orders, so there is a constant stream of unique sight/sound combinations flowing through their studio. Their stock is always different, so anytime is a good time to take a look at their website.

Keiji Design Knife Box

All-together a beautiful display

This box is simply amazing. Long story short: everything about this box screams hand-made – down to the spread of unique knives. This is where form meets functionality. More images and an interview with the designer over at FEIT’s blog.

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