Studio D’Artisan – Mid Length Wallet

One of the most rewarding aspects about this blog is that I constantly find great wares in unexpected places. In this case, I am particularly enamored by a relatively simple wallet from Japanese fashion label Studio D’Artisan.

Wallet Profile (image courtesy of Blue in Green)

Though many only associate Studio D’Artisan with high quality Japanese selvedge denim, the brand nonetheless deserves a similar reputation for its striking leather goods. To start, these mid length wallets are handcrafted in Japan from the same vegetable-tanned leather as renowned Italian shoemaker Buttero. Thus each piece has unique characteristics that are further accentuated during the dyeing process. To fully appreciate the potential of this leather, most of the wallet interiors are left natural to allow for a user-specific patina to develop both inside and out.

Wallet Exterior (image courtesy of Blue in Green)

Side Profile (image courtesy of Studio D’Artisan)

All this aside, what is most intriguing about these wallets is the contrast between the unassuming exterior and the functional interior. With six card slots, a zippered coin pouch, a space for bank notes and a hidden pocket, this design offers more storage than traditional bi-folds without the bulk of a Costanza wallet.

Wallet Interior (image courtesy of Blue in Green)

The curved lines throughout the interior are particularly beautiful given how angular and constricted wallets can be. It’s refreshing to see design that alludes to the leather’s organic origins rather than reducing it to geometric shapes.

Be sure to check out these wallets by visiting the Studio D’Artisan website or, if you can’t read Japanese, you can find more information about them at Blue in Green.

Miansai’s “Hook” Bracelets

The accessory label Miansai offers some pretty phenomenal products (and not just because they make a 14K solid gold iphone case). Launched by designer Michael Saiger, Miansai developed a quick reputation for it’s signature nautical bracelets which embody an odd mix of the nostalgic and the timeless. Of course this depends somewhat on one’s  aesthetic, but with a plethora of colorways available to choose from, it is not hard to find the perfect piece.

Burgundy Leather with Rose Gold Hook

Navy Rope with Silver Hook

These bracelets are crafted from either custom military-grade rope or premium Italian leather straps. The most impressive aspect of this bracelet is the metal hook, which is pounded, formed, stamped, and polished by hand. Naturally this process leads to minor variations in size and contour, but that offers an added character and personality to each piece. All in all, It certainly beats scooping some plastic off of a conveyor belt.

Check out the video below which highlights the handiwork which goes into making the “Hook” bracelet.

  [vimeo w=400&h=300]

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