Wolf vs. Goat – Everybody Wins

Charcoal Waffle Thermal

Charcoal Waffle Thermal

There has been an almost overwhelming surge of newly launched men’s fashion labels that cater to everyday basics like button-ups and chinos. While it’s great to have a choice, picking and choosing can be somewhat of a task. But if you find yourself in the market  and are looking to support budding labels that produce their clothing in the US, Wolf vs. Goat might kill two birds with one stone.

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Outlier 60/30 Autumnweight Chino Slacks

A great find from NYC-based Outlier. They specialize in technical wear sturdy enough for bicycle commutes, while still being suitable for casual office/weekend wear. Not only do they custom blend their own fabrics to meet the different demands of each garment, but everything is cut and sewn in New York. Having a pair of the autumnweights in khaki, I can attest that they are durable as hell and sport a great tailored fit. The fabric stretches a bit for what they call the ‘true freedom of movement,’ so it truly is ideal for biking, climbing, &c. And, on the off chance they don’t hold up, there is a 6 month money back guarantee regardless of the condition. Definitely worth a look in 3 different colorways at the Outlier shop.

Simple straight cut with a tailored fit

Immaculate stitching and button detail

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