S.N.S. Herring – Roentgen Sweater

A great piece from S.N.S Herring’s Spring 2012 line. It’s a straightforward textured knit with a band of contrast stitching which runs across the chest. Nice and simple.

Case Study: Contrast Knits

It’s refreshing to see designers work with what is in front of them rather than contemplating what they can add to a garment. Perhaps the best examples of this are found in knitwear, as the materials accommodate a wide variety of textures and hidden contrasts without having to include extraneous variations in color. Here are my top two:

1) Rag & Bone Contrast Knit

Rag & Bone Contrast Knit

Aside from some hidden details in the underside of the cuffs, this piece from New York’s Rag & Bone¬†sports blocks of contrast knitting to achieve the horizontal stripes. Elegant in its simplicity, this is essentially the Marcus Aurelius of designer sweaters. So far it’s the best find from my friends at Mortar (who were kind enough to supply their own image).

2) SNS Herning Fisherman Knit

SNS Herring Torso Sweater – Sleeve Detail

The fisherman knit has always been a favorite because of the unique patterning that (usually) stretches across the chest and biceps. In terms of a design element, something that straddles the fence between continuity with contrast is a simple enough to recognize, but difficult to wrap your brain around. Lucky for us, SNS Herning has long since perfected their own versions of the fisherman sweater. Keeping true to their traditions, they rely almost exclusively on manipulations within the material to produce several variations a year Рeach in a given color.

I vote we all return to winter.

SNS Herring Torso Sweater Profile

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