Épice – Summer Scarf in Indigo

Jan & Bess of Épice launched their first line of hand loomed scarves in 1999, developing an almost immediate following thereafter. Drawn together by their shared interest in Indian textiles and recent graduation from the Copenhagen School of Design, the duo began working with artisans throughout India to develop exclusive fabrics to their specifications. Complementing a decidedly contemporary aesthetic, their scarves depend on generations of traditional craftsmanship to pull each piece together.

Drawing from a bit of pop culture, the scarf from their Spring/Summer 2012 line is adorned with typography from Danish rock posters and merchandise. While that may only appeal to  a niche market, the palette is universal. Because it’s available at several men’s boutiques, I dare to go out on a limb and suggest that any man who buys this should just gift it to a special girl. It’s definitely beautiful, but she’ll look better in it.

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