New Prints, Patterns, and A Moving Lookbook: The Hill-Side’s S/S 2013 Campaign

Flower Pedal Print - South Africa (image courtesy of

Flower Pedal Print (image courtesy of

I’ll be the first to admit that I get easily excited about textiles. But in all seriousness, the new Spring/Summer 2013 collection by The Hill-Side is pretty awesome. Their prints are adventuresome and exotic without going overboard; the fabrics are sourced from choice textile mills around the globe; and like always, everything is cut and sewn in NYC.

Washed Japanese Linen Summer Scarf (image courtesy of

Washed Japanese Linen Scarf (image courtesy of

Overprinted Gingham, Red line selvedge - Japan (image courtesy of

Overprinted Gingham (image courtesy of

So it was, that the label debuted another successful season of scarves, skinny ties, pocket squares, and bandanas for the warmer months – but The Hill-Side also unveiled a unique surprise to go along with the goods…


Teaming up with Alan Poon (a partner at newly launched Folkloric interactive company), the label shot a collection of 10 different moving images to showcase select highlights from their S/S ’13 campaign. Here are some personal favorites!

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The Exclusive Fabrics and Ties of Italy’s “Natural Born Elegance”

Contrasting Navy & Glen Plaid Bow-Tie (Cashmere & Silk)

Contrasting Navy & Glen Plaid Bow-Tie (Cashmere & Silk)

For over 130 years Lanificio F.lli Cerruti has been known as one of the finest and most innovative textile mills in Italy. The family-run business is known for producing unique and hard to find materials for discerning clientele. Recently Julian Cerruti, the company’s heir and vice president, carried this legacy forward by launching a small online boutique known as Natural Born Elegance, which stocks an extremely limited collection of tailor-made neckwear.

It goes without saying that each piece in the line is 100% made in Italy using fabrics sourced exclusively from Lanifico F.lli Cerruti. Due to the nature of their work, production is kept low to ensure quality and maintain a level of exclusivity about each piece. In fact, the majority of their ties are one-of-a-kind.

Cerutti Family at Work

Textural Gold Necktie (Cotton)

Textural Gold Necktie (Cotton)

Most pieces are crafted from likely materials (i.e. cashmere, mohair, &c), but the boutique also offers some signature fabrics – the most noteworthy of which is a vintage parcour that was originally commissioned by the Italian military.

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General Knot & Co – Limited Edition Neckwear

General Knot & Co was founded by two friends with a shared for vintage neckwear. What started as a conversation has developed into a nation-wide network of American tailors, collectors, and dealers who source hard-to-find materials for limited runs of neck-based accessories. Because they discover many of their materials at estate sales and auctions, most of their products are impossible to replicate or even repeat.

Selvedge French Mini Stripe & Selvedge Navy Chambray

Madison Check & Japanese Chambray

Aesthetically, their ties play with varying degrees of contrast. Some are loud, some are subtle, but all of them combine different moments in textile history. Many of their patterns stem from the early to mid-20th Century, but the hunt hinges on quality rather than heritage.

Ghost Stripe & Mini Check Reversible Bow Tie

Be sure to stay tuned to their website for their next finds.  In the meantime, enjoy some hand-made American goodness in the gallery below.

Alexander Olch Contrast Scarves

Design for me is synonymous with juxtaposition. These strike home as two great examples of the almost-incompatible marriage of nuance and depth in a garment. They’re nice as is, but would be much more striking when worn.

Contrast Gingham



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