Hunter + Gatherer: The Market Tote


1. Handmade Natural Chromexcel Tote by Teranishi Handcrafted 2. Surfer Tote by Baggu 3. Gera Bag by WMJ Mills 4. Canvas Tote by MAKR 5. [Destination] Market Bag by Apolis 6. Handmade Chromexcel & Copper bag by Emil Erwin 7. Handmade 200 Bag by Doug Johnston 8. Handmade Red Tote by Lumina (in collaboration with Parrott) 9.Neon Carryall by Clare Vivier

Teranishi Handcrafted – Single Hole Bespoke Belt

It never occurred to me that a bespoke belt could have a single hole to mark the user’s specific size. In that sense, this piece from the Teranishi Handcrafted archives speaks to the fundamental values of the brand; it is an understated and carefully constructed leather good with a unique life to live.


Made from premium vegetable-tanned leather, the natural hue is certain to develop an exceptionally rich caramel patina based on the rigors of daily wear. But what is particularly intriguing about this belt is that it exudes a sense of tailor-made confidence and stability. Conversely, it may also allow the wearer a certain savoir-faire in punching his/her own additional holes. (Perhaps this user interaction might even lead to unique decorative embellishments. Who knows?) Either way, the belt is a telling symbol of the wearer’s personality.

 If you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at Teranishi Handcrafted’s line of handmade leather goods, which includes everything from other wearables to wallets.

Teranishi Handcrafted – Indigo-Dyed Leather Goods

If you are familiar with the work from Teranishi Handcrafted, you’re probably aware that they sell individually handcrafted, made-to-order leather goods rather than ‘products’. Everything is designed and made in a small studio in Vashon Island, WA with an incredible and consistent attention to detail.

Second Indigo Collection (Clockwise from Top Left: Bifold, Gradient Bifold, Tuck Wallet,                 Key Fob, & Glasses Case)

 It’s no surprise then to see these characteristics carrying over in a recently released iteration of their Indigo Collection. Comprised of five different pieces, it is a limited and experimental run of leather goods which have all been dyed using natural indigo. This process is exclusive to Teranishi Handcrafted and has been ongoing for many months, so it’s really exciting to see such wonderful results!

Dip-Dyed Gradient Bifold (Vegetable Tanned Leather)

This second collection consists of familiar favorites from Teranishi: the minimalist bifold, glasses case, tuck wallet, and key fob. Aside from the gradient bifold, each piece is crafted from Horween Chromexcel which is prized for it’s dynamic visual and tactile properties.

Indigo-Dyed Linen Thread From the Vat

The leather and linen thread is dyed by hand in a vat of natural indigo. Once completely saturated, these materials achieve the rich and unrivaled blue that set this collection apart from other leather goods. After dyeing, the linen thread is coated with natural beeswax for posterity and the pieces can be stitched or assembled.

It’s worth pointing out that this project is ongoing, so be sure to check the Teranishi Handcrafted blog for details and updates on future works. In the meantime scroll through the gallery below for more images of the current collection – including some shots from the studio.

Truman Cutaway Bifold Wallet

The vast majority of products at Truman Handcrafted can be characterized as minimal, practical, and beautiful. This recently discontinued cutaway bifold is no exception. Cut from 4-5 oz Wickett & Craig vegetable tanned leather and stitched by hand with waxed linen thread, this wallet is sure to welcome use and abuse with a wonderful patina. Be sure to check out what’s in the works at According to Teppei (the owner) there are new designs in the works for 2012. Judging by the clean lines of yesteryear, I’ll go out on a limb to assume they’re awesome.

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