The Hill-side – “Old Virginia” Collection

Having spent a good portion of my life growing up in rural Virginia, I am always proud when others recognize the great craftspeople in that tiny corner of the world. I was particularly pleased to see that American-made accessories label The Hill-side shares my appreciation through the debut of their “Old Virginia” collection, which relies exclusively on custom woven fabrics from the Virginia foothills.

S70-062 White Scarf Detail (image courtesy of

S70-062 Blue Scarf Detail (image courtesy of

Consisting of scarves and ties, this line is created from textiles manufactured on a single shuttle loom that dates back to the 1930s. In addition to producing selvedge detailing at both edges of the fabric, this particular loom is notable for creating a very special pattern known as a “modified herringbone”.

S70-065 Scarf Detail (image courtesy of

S70-065 Scarf Detail (image courtesy of

Hill-side and Tender Co. Collaboration Jeans (image courtesy of

Hill-side and Tender Co. Collaboration Jeans (image courtesy of

This distinctive weave functions like a traditional herringbone pattern, but incorporates various colors of yarn that are interspersed– almost sporadically – across the warp. The result is a decidedly unique fabric that juxtaposes different hues, tones, and textures throughout a given yard of fabric. This emphasis on character and individuality is a nice foil to the underwhelming homogeneity of mass production.

Old Virginia: The Hill-Side’s “Modified Herringbone” Fabric from The Hill-Side on Vimeo.

After scrolling through their lookbook, be sure to check out The Hill-side’s video that documents the weaving process. While I’m obviously partial to the visual aspects of the Old Virginia collection, the audio is the most profound aspect of the film. Between the dulcimer music, the ticking machinery, and the voiceovers, it offers an intimate (and nostalgic) glimpse into the life and values of these craftsmen.

The Hill-Side woven accessories

Ocean Print

The Hill-Side has long since established an impressive reputation for their woven accessories. Reminiscent Japanese tenugui (手拭い), their textiles come in an array of colors & patterns which are either dyed, woven, or printed. Personally, the strongest pieces from the Hill-Side collection are their blue & white pocket squares. Rather than subscribing to the growing cult of unabridged coloration, they chose two beautiful hues and let the patterning speak for itself.

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