The Exclusive Fabrics and Ties of Italy’s “Natural Born Elegance”

Contrasting Navy & Glen Plaid Bow-Tie (Cashmere & Silk)

Contrasting Navy & Glen Plaid Bow-Tie (Cashmere & Silk)

For over 130 years Lanificio F.lli Cerruti has been known as one of the finest and most innovative textile mills in Italy. The family-run business is known for producing unique and hard to find materials for discerning clientele. Recently Julian Cerruti, the company’s heir and vice president, carried this legacy forward by launching a small online boutique known as Natural Born Elegance, which stocks an extremely limited collection of tailor-made neckwear.

It goes without saying that each piece in the line is 100% made in Italy using fabrics sourced exclusively from Lanifico F.lli Cerruti. Due to the nature of their work, production is kept low to ensure quality and maintain a level of exclusivity about each piece. In fact, the majority of their ties are one-of-a-kind.

Cerutti Family at Work

Textural Gold Necktie (Cotton)

Textural Gold Necktie (Cotton)

Most pieces are crafted from likely materials (i.e. cashmere, mohair, &c), but the boutique also offers some signature fabrics – the most noteworthy of which is a vintage parcour that was originally commissioned by the Italian military.

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Diemme – “Firenze” Boot

The Montebelluna district in northeastern Italy is world-renown for its many types of footwear. That area alone manufactures over 50% of the world’s technical mountaineering boots as well as 75% of all the ski boots around the globe. Fittingly, the region is also home to Diemme, which is one of the preeminent artisan-shoe companies in the world.

Cappucino – contrasting yellow laces

Located in Onè di Fonte, this family-run footwear company has been making shoes by hand since 1992. Staying true to Montebelluna’s legacy, Diemme is known for its mountaineering, trekking, military, safety, and even hunting footwear. Yet having been long-since lauded for their quality and style, the label has also enjoyed a strong presence in the fashion industry – often collaborating with various designers for limited spin-offs of their classics.

Ontario – leather & lace detail

Perhaps their most iconic shoe is their “Firenze” boot, which has seen various iterations and colorways throughout several seasons. Like all of their footwear, each component is sourced in Italy (despite the occasional turn to tanneries such as Horween or Charles F. Stead & Co for some high-quality leather). The boot features a gusseted tongue which is padded with vegetable latex for extreme waterproofing and comfort. Should rain be a concern, each Firenze boot is made with a Vibram Moreflex sole that is notable for it’s slip-resistance. These soles are also extremely light, pliable, and ready for whatever adventures you can conjure up.

Root Beer – Horween “Mastiff” leather & Moreflex “Christy” Vibram sole

Be sure to check out some of the current and past versions of the Firenze boot in the gallery below. It’s also well-worth a gander at Diemme’s website for more information concerning their processes and products.

Buttero “Tannino” Low-cut Sneakers

Profile - Tan Colorway

Profile – Tan Colorway

These shoes from Italy’s Buttero are amongst the most luxurious sneakers in the world. Hand crafted from start to finish, each pair is made in the heart of Tuscany by a small team of heritage-trained shoemakers. The “Tannino” low-cuts in particular are made from locally sourced, Italian vegetable-tanned leather which develops a rich patina over time. That said, the character of the leather already has a great deal of depth stemming from the tanning process. To wrap everything together, they feature nickel eyelets, an all rubber sole, and custom leather laces. As Buttero puts it, they are “a fusion of pure rawness and elegance” – a feat few brands of any sort can master. Take a look at the gallery for some hi-resolution images of two colorways, as well as some images of the process.

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