The Carefully Considered Outdoor Goods by Scout Seattle

There was a time when I could pass my days – or at least a good part of them – in the woods and fields behind our house in rural Virginia. As a child I never thought anything of it, but as an adult I have a great sense of gratitude for that time I spent in nature. The outdoors taught me a lot about resourcefulness, patience, and humility – life lessons that hopefully haven’t fallen too far by the wayside.

scout-seattle-field-bed-organic-selvage-denim-japanese-chambray-05-wide_1But if nothing else, I learned that there is no pretense in nature. It just is what it is. I credit much of my values and aesthetic to that realization. The few objects I surround myself with are functional, understated, and most of all reliable – especially when I’m in the wilderness.

Single Pole Tent - Natural Sunforger Canvas

Single Pole Tent – Natural Sunforger Canvas


It should then come as no surprise that I’m infatuated with the carefully considered outdoor goods by Scout Seattle. The brand specializes in crafting extremely high-quality gear that is as straightforward as it is beautiful.

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Keiji Design Knife Box

All-together a beautiful display

This box is simply amazing. Long story short: everything about this box screams hand-made – down to the spread of unique knives. This is where form meets functionality. More images and an interview with the designer over at FEIT’s blog.

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