CMYK – Overgrowth Collection

Most view overgrowth as inconvenient, an eyesore, or both. Perhaps it was my upbringing in quasi-rural Virginia, but I’ve never subscribed to that mentality. Instead, I fondly remember sampling the honeysuckle that obscured our fences as a child and cataloging hues of lichen in the stream behind our house. Granted that was then, but I think that all of us could take some time to step back and appreciate the humbling beauty of growth.

The Paper Jewelry of Janna Syvänoja

On the off chance there is a word to sum up the jewelry by Finnish artist Janna Syvänoja, it would be ‘organic.’ The major component in her work is paper – namely clippings from discarded phonebooks and newspapers. In meticulously curving each piece of paper around a steel wire, Syvänoja evokes a delicate and elegant fluidity through her forms – as if they are arrested in mid-motion.


Texture plays a major role in her paper jewelry, both in a visual and a tactile sense. Printed words and letters are rendered illegible, reducing their meaning to tiny moments of color and tone. They instead create a unique quill-like pattern throughout each piece.


The process behind each work is an open one. In adding each layer one by one, the artist allows for each piece to grow in its own direction. The patterning on the surface of her works is not predetermined. Rather it is created by a combination of happenstance and the will of her materials.

 Click on the thumbnails in the gallery below for more images of her work. Syvänoja doesn’t seem to have her own website, but you can find more information about her and her process online.

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