One Percent Products – Modern Bulbs

Just as a preface, random is fun. In that spirit, coming across these bulbs from 1% Products was a delightful surprise. The first, “Swing” relies on coils encircling the bulb – giving the illusion of lateral movement. The “Gradation” bulb is made with glass of varying thickness to display a lighted spectrum. The pattern on the surface of “Basket” is self-evident. Finally, drawing inspiration from one’s interaction with the object itself, the patter of “Twist” recalls the act of screwing the bulb into it’s fixture.

Swing Bulb

Although they are designed to add character to your interior, it would be interesting to seem then actually in a space. One would have to have a very specific aesthetic to pull them off in my opinion, but as objects I think they are beautiful in and of themselves. Thoughts?

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