Four New Pieces for Outlier’s Women’s Collection


The more I learn about fashion, the more selective I become when deciding which ones to support. Of course part of this stems from aesthetic considerations, but even if I encounter the end all and be all of beautiful garments, it’s not worth a thing to me unless it was made with care and integrity. It’s difficult to find a brand that combines a keen design sense, high quality materials, and responsible production methods for everything they produce, but that is exactly why performance clothing label Outlier is one of the select few constituents in my wardrobe. But I write to you not about a new release for us boys, but rather their expanding women’s collection.

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Outlier – Rockaway Pivot S/S Shirt

                                                 Rockaway Short Sleeve Pivot Shirt

The purveyors of sport and style at Outlier just released a beautiful short sleeve button-up for the last dog days of summer. The shirt is cut and sewn in New York City from a custom  85% cotton / 15% linen blend that features a characteristically open weave to help air circulation.

                                                        Linen-Cotton Blend Detail

                                       Back “Pivot” Construction & Contrast Stripes

In addition to keeping you cool in the heat, their patent pending “Pivot” shirt construction allows you to reach forward without activating any tension in the fabric. A great aspect about the Rockaway shirt in particular is that you can actually see this pattern in action by tracing the contrasting horizontal and vertical stripes throughout the garment. It’s hard to find a better marriage of aesthetic elements and innovative design.

You can find more about Outlier’s work at their website, including information on their unique custom-blended fabrics, limited collections, and collaborations. Enjoy the weekend!

Outlier 60/30 Autumnweight Chino Slacks

A great find from NYC-based Outlier. They specialize in technical wear sturdy enough for bicycle commutes, while still being suitable for casual office/weekend wear. Not only do they custom blend their own fabrics to meet the different demands of each garment, but everything is cut and sewn in New York. Having a pair of the autumnweights in khaki, I can attest that they are durable as hell and sport a great tailored fit. The fabric stretches a bit for what they call the ‘true freedom of movement,’ so it truly is ideal for biking, climbing, &c. And, on the off chance they don’t hold up, there is a 6 month money back guarantee regardless of the condition. Definitely worth a look in 3 different colorways at the Outlier shop.

Simple straight cut with a tailored fit

Immaculate stitching and button detail

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