Visvim – “Sashiko” Shirt & Sweatshirt

While most fashion labels do their best to look forward for inspiration, Japan’s Visvim tends to look backwards. Rather than solely seeking out the cutting edge, they continually revisit the most successful details of yesteryear. Drawing inspiration from traditional “Sashiko” (or “little stabs”) embroidery, Visvim just released two garments which feature the detail stitching.

The first piece is a straightforward, solid poplin button up. While Japanese “Sashiko” has developed an archetype of white linen thread on indigo cloth, a vibrant red thread was also used (though somewhat sparingly). This shirt conscripts the latter in a military-esque pattern on the bottom sides. Because the hand-stitching weighs heavily into the price of the piece, the best part of this shirt is how accessible the design is to anyone who has 30 minutes and some thread. Do it at home.

Employing a more subtle color contrast, the “Bedlam” sweatshirt features similar embroidery. Peeking out from the beige, a white thread zig-zagsĀ around the cuffs and the bottom of the garment . Though “Sashiko” was often used to repair abrasions in fabric, the embellishment in this sweatshirt is solely decorative. In addition to the contrast stitching, this sweatshirt features a leather pull tab on a golden RiRi zipper and natural cork beads on the drawstring. As always, a great attention to detail. Take a look at some close-ups in the gallery:

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