The New Styles & Colors of Diemme’s Fall/Winter ’13 Collection

DI1307NW01 - "Tirol Wing" Brogue Boot Detail

DI1307NW01 – “Tirol Wing” Brogue Boot Detail

Over the past year, Italian luxury shoe label Diemme has continually pushed its own boundaries to design both bigger and better seasonal collections. Their spring campaign for example debuted an expanded sneaker offering that capitalized on a variety of styles and new colorways previously unprecedented at Diemme.  For Fall/Winter, the label continues this momentum in releasing a large and varied collection of high-performance, handmade footwear. They’ve even included a few surprises.

DI1309AN02 - "Anatra" Duck Boot

DI1309AN02 – “Anatra” Duck Boot

DI1309TI01 - "Tibet" Boot Leather Detail

DI1309TI01 – “Tibet” Boot Leather Detail

The new collection is just  progressive enough, without sacrificing the quality and heritage that makes a Diemme shoe worthwhile. As you may have guessed, the label still derives its inspiration from the Alps, which surround their factory in Northern Italy. Rugged yet beautiful, the collection mirrors that legacy through traditional iterations of key favorites like their Roccia Vet and Firenze boot. However they have also reworked or improved many of these styles – the most notable of which being their new Roccia Due, which features a reinforcing overlay panel among other new embellishments.

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True American Craftsmanship – A Look At Quoddy Footwear

If they aren’t cut by machine and assembled in China, a pair of shoes takes a lot of work and expertise to craft. But luckily, there are still those around who hark back to that good old-fashioned savoir-faire. In fact, if you combine that sort of know-how with world-class materials, you may end up at the Quoddy workshop in Perry, Maine.

Boat Mocs (image courtesy of Quoddy)

Quoddy specializes in completely handmade moccasins, boots, and boat shoes for both men and women. These styles are durable by nature, but the label goes a step further in sourcing hides from Horween Leather Co. The leathers from this Chicago tannery add a good deal of strength to the shoes without sacrificing comfort.

Maine Woodsman Boot (image courtesy of Quoddy)

Lodge Moc with Sheepskin Lining (image courtesy of Quoddy)

But perhaps the most important aspect of Quoddy shoes is how they are made. Each shoe is built from start to finish by an individual craftsman who cuts, sews, and finishes everything by hand. Often times these shoes are custom made to customer specifications, so virtually every shoe has something unique about it. But for each pair made regardless of style or size, the shoemakers rely on hand stitching techniques that date back hundreds of years in Maine. This expertise guarantees that the shoes can withstand the worst of any adventure or fashionista.

Quoddy Workshop – Lewiston, Maine from Oliver Wilkins on Vimeo.

If you would like to learn more about their work and philosophy, take a four-minute look at the Quoddy workshop in the video above and be sure to visit their website where you can view their entire collection.

Buttero “Tannino” Low-cut Sneakers

Profile - Tan Colorway

Profile – Tan Colorway

These shoes from Italy’s Buttero are amongst the most luxurious sneakers in the world. Hand crafted from start to finish, each pair is made in the heart of Tuscany by a small team of heritage-trained shoemakers. The “Tannino” low-cuts in particular are made from locally sourced, Italian vegetable-tanned leather which develops a rich patina over time. That said, the character of the leather already has a great deal of depth stemming from the tanning process. To wrap everything together, they feature nickel eyelets, an all rubber sole, and custom leather laces. As Buttero puts it, they are “a fusion of pure rawness and elegance” – a feat few brands of any sort can master. Take a look at the gallery for some hi-resolution images of two colorways, as well as some images of the process.

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