New Prints, Patterns, and A Moving Lookbook: The Hill-Side’s S/S 2013 Campaign

Flower Pedal Print - South Africa (image courtesy of

Flower Pedal Print (image courtesy of

I’ll be the first to admit that I get easily excited about textiles. But in all seriousness, the new Spring/Summer 2013 collection by The Hill-Side is pretty awesome. Their prints are adventuresome and exotic without going overboard; the fabrics are sourced from choice textile mills around the globe; and like always, everything is cut and sewn in NYC.

Washed Japanese Linen Summer Scarf (image courtesy of

Washed Japanese Linen Scarf (image courtesy of

Overprinted Gingham, Red line selvedge - Japan (image courtesy of

Overprinted Gingham (image courtesy of

So it was, that the label debuted another successful season of scarves, skinny ties, pocket squares, and bandanas for the warmer months – but The Hill-Side also unveiled a unique surprise to go along with the goods…


Teaming up with Alan Poon (a partner at newly launched Folkloric interactive company), the label shot a collection of 10 different moving images to showcase select highlights from their S/S ’13 campaign. Here are some personal favorites!

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Highlights from 18 Waits S/S ’13 Collection

Not to hate on the joy of spring, but it seems like designers are far too quick to indulge in vibrant colors and showy patterning. I say leave that to nature. It does a better job anyway.


Maybe it’s happenstance; maybe it’s good taste, but the folks at 18 Waits seem on board. Their recently released S/S ’13 collection consists of an airy assortment of laid-back, casual garments and accessories. In fact, it is their biggest campaign to date, with the inclusion of modified fits, untried colorways, and new pieces altogether.

The Levon in blue and red

The Levon in blue and red

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Amy Kaehne – An Up & Coming Women’s Fashion Label From Down Under

Having worked for several years as a design assistant, Amy Kaehne decided to go solo by launching her own women’s fashion label in 2010. Known by the same name, this Sydney-based brand has popped up in all the right places, from boutiques across Australia to a recent debut in their first American stockist for S/S ’13!

Contrast Lapel Shirt (via

Contrast Lapel Shirt (via

What makes Amy Kaehne stand out as a designer is how genuine and relaxed her label is. Despite only having five seasons under her belt, the collections are consistently cohesive. Part of this stems from Kaehne choosing a given theme to investigate throughout a given collection, whether by developing a narrative, deciding on a palette, or experimenting with specific textures.

Lookback to S/S '12

Lookback to S/S ’12

Knit Jumper (via

Knit Jumper (via

Rather than using prints throughout her work, Kaehne places a heavy emphasis on patterning – most often by sourcing custom woven fabrics. These materials are often intricately knit, but the garments themselves are characterized by a flowing, more relaxed fit. The guy in me doesn’t tend to enjoy loosely tailored pieces on women, so it’s surprising how fond I am of Kaehne’s sensibilities. Her quiet juxtapositions between tactility, aestheticism, and wearability are rather engaging – especially in anticipation of future collections.

Love Street Shirt (via

Love Street Shirt (via

Take a look for yourself in the gallery below, which features images from Amy Kaehne’s recently released spring/summer collection as well as some favorites from past seasons.



Outlier – Rockaway Pivot S/S Shirt

                                                 Rockaway Short Sleeve Pivot Shirt

The purveyors of sport and style at Outlier just released a beautiful short sleeve button-up for the last dog days of summer. The shirt is cut and sewn in New York City from a custom  85% cotton / 15% linen blend that features a characteristically open weave to help air circulation.

                                                        Linen-Cotton Blend Detail

                                       Back “Pivot” Construction & Contrast Stripes

In addition to keeping you cool in the heat, their patent pending “Pivot” shirt construction allows you to reach forward without activating any tension in the fabric. A great aspect about the Rockaway shirt in particular is that you can actually see this pattern in action by tracing the contrasting horizontal and vertical stripes throughout the garment. It’s hard to find a better marriage of aesthetic elements and innovative design.

You can find more about Outlier’s work at their website, including information on their unique custom-blended fabrics, limited collections, and collaborations. Enjoy the weekend!

18 Waits – Yorke Shirt

18 Waits – Yorke L/S Lookbook Collar & Cuff

18 Waits is a young clothing and accessories brand emerging from the endless treasure trove in Toronto. Perhaps the most striking aspect about them is their overall attitude and approach to what they do. As they put it, they are inspired by a collective joie d’vivre and an appreciation for quality- traits which are both reflected by and perpetuated through their products. Not many labels are open to outside influence, but 18 Waits places a great emphasis on collaboration in inviting graphic artists, photographers, and even filmmakers to bring their unique angle to the brand’s creative drive.

18 Waits – Yorke L/S Collar Detail (white)

Among other pieces in their Spring/Summer 2012 line, the Yorke shirt is one of the best examples of what 18 Waits is about. Given their emphasis on quality goods, the lightweight cotton fabric used for the shirt is sourced from textile mills in Japan. For this shirt in particular, colorful threads of polyester are woven into the fabric to create sporadic, yet vibrant flecks of color throughout the garment. The subtle inclusion of color gives a bit of life to an otherwise standard button-up. The Yorke comes in three colorways (charcoal being a personal favorite) as well as in both short-sleeve and long-sleeve versions. They currently have stocklists throughout North America, China, & Japan so check them out if you’re close!

As always, click the link to their website above to learn a bit more about their process and feel free to scroll through the gallery for some high-resolution images of the Yorke.

Rag & Bone – Yokohama Oxford

Made in both a longsleeve and shortsleeve version, the latest iteration of Rag & Bone‘s Yokohama Oxford is a great study in minimal detailing. The design energizes an otherwise simple shirt by employing a red, white, and blue stripe embellishment throughout the garment. While the vertical stria on the front are reminiscent of other designs in mind, the horizontal line above the back pleat is particularly intriguing. The rustic white-painted buttons add a nice final touch. As always, take a gander in the gallery for some detailed images.

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