Visvim’s “Dissertation on Self-Verification 2001-2011”

As a brand, Visvim has steadily gained a phenomenal reputation through its marriage of quality and design. Therein, what is particularly striking about the label is its ongoing interest in harboring the best (and often most obscure) methods of production. Transversing the globe in search of the right materials, creative director Hiroki Nakamura partners with small, segregated outfits of traditional craftspeople to supply specific components of his lines. Recently, he has sourced hand woven ramie fabric from individual artisans in Fukushima prefecture, integrated all natural dyes from an indigo master in Tokushima, and relied on vegetable tanned equine leather from a family-owned tannery in Chicago – all within the last year.

Suffice it to say, Nakamura has relied on the same M.O. to capture the legacy of his brand in this 152-page assemblage. For this piece, he teamed up with Japanese bookbinders to create a limited run of hand made books to outline the visual story of Visvim. “Dissertation on Self-Verification” is a collection of images which either inspired or captured choice pieces throughout the last decade. Invoking a tradition dating back to the 7th Century CE, the outside cover is lined with washi paper made from locally harvested kozo bark. With a final contemporary touch, the book includes several interviews with Nakamura as well as two original DVDs which delve deep into the creative world behind his label.

Yet while it is an interesting case study of a particular brand’s evolution, the real allure of the book lies in the attention paid to the creative process itself. Any interview can offer insight into the trials and tribulations of a designer turned entrepreneur, but there is no replacement for interacting directly with the visionary spirit. Sometimes, it pays more to see something blossom. Even if you aren’t familiar with the brand, it’s worth taking a look through the gallery.

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