William O’Brien Jr. LLC Geometric Vacation Home Proposal

The images from this proposal are nothing short of phenomenal. As for the proposal itself, it gets pretty hairy for those of us who passed geometry by the skin of our teeth, but the architect sums it up pretty well on his site:

“This design proposal for two vacation homes for two brothers and their families on one plot of land in upstate New York represents an examination of a curious part to whole relationship. The mathematical principle of “dissection” states that any two regular polygons with equal areas can be divided into sets of similar shapes; “minimal dissection” is the pursuit of the fewest number of subdivisions in each polygon. This scheme appropriates this principle as a solution to (1) general similarities in the programmatic requirements, and (2) distinctions in the desired relationships to the site, voiced by the two brothers for each of their homes.” 

I must admit, I’d do some nasty things to spend a weekend in one of these homes – just so long as I didn’t have to pay the heating bill for those gigantic windows.

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